French Glass and Crystal Greats…

French crystal has made admirable progress in the face of fierce domestic and foreign competition, and the quality and creativity of French firms are impelling reasons for this. Described in this article is only a small sampling of the best-known of the French crystal firms. The official organization for the industry is The Federation of French Glass and Crystal Firms, which includes 20 companies spread throughout France, from North to South, East to West. Most companies have a showroom in Paris. The Federation covers six major categories: tableware, barware, gifts, perfume bottles, lighting fixtures, tubes and beads. Such premier firms as Baccarat, Daum, Lalique, and St. Louis belong to the Federation, each with its own unique character in tabletop or decorative objects.

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Decorative Glass Vases Enthusiasts Are Flocking to ‘No-hype’ Glass And Crystal Information Website

Due to the ever increasing volumes of traffic Nanette Freeman’s website has jumped in popularity and its Alexa rating has went from of over 18 million to under 600 thousand in just a short space of time and it still continues to improve daily. Her website has also had to move hosts to an ‘unlimited’ bandwidth company to cope with the extra visitors it is enjoying.


Pate De Verre Explained…

Here is a great article I came across explaining the different aspects and processes of Pate De Verre and how to make stunning glass sculptures from this process.

“in France,when we use the words ‘pâte de verre’, it’s not referring to the Egyptians’ technique… You’re right, pâte de verre was originally painting a paste into a mould. But nowadays, in France, this painting is called stamping “estampage” : you mix glass powder with gum arabic for example, and put it by hand with a brush into the mould), and can be used in the pâte de verre process if needed, but it’s optional.

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The Botanics range of decorative glass vases from Daum

The Botanics range of decorative glass vases from Daum are truly unique.

Created for Daum by renowned glass sculptor Emilio Robba. Robba creates his floral compositions just like an architect would, building up his works around regular and irregular structures, so as to reveal the most important aspect of nature.

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Using Daum glass and crystal as ?Glass Wall Art?

Glass wall art and sculptures have become somewhat of a fashion statement. They make quite an impression no matter where they are placed around a room.

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An Introduction To Daum decorative Glass Vases

At last the page I have been working on for over two months is completed…

It’s taken a lot of time and research into Decorative Glass Vases and how they are produced by one of the worlds greatest manufacturers of art glass and crystal vases – Daum.

The Poetry Of Lead Crystal – New Page

Just stumbled accross a new webpage all about lead crystal figurines and collectables from one of France’s top glass and crystal manufacturers – Daum.

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It goes into real depth about how the company started experimenting with lead crystal for art purposes way back in the early 1940’s and how they progressed their glass making techniques until they were collected all over the world by the 1990’s.

A recommended read for all lead crystal fans.

Welcome To My Daum Glass Blog

Hi guy’s and welcome to my new Daum Glass and Crystal blog… I hope you enjoy your stay herre and find plenty of interesting information on the world of Daum Glass, probably the worlds leading manufacturer of crystal figurines, decorative glass vases and art deco glass…