About Daum Glass and Crystal

Who are Daum Glass?

It was a French glass making company called Daum that put art glass sculptures and crystal vase making back in vogue by combining this glass making process with moulds created from using ‘Lost Wax’ techniques.

Basically each piece starts as a wax sculpture. The wax is then encased in a plaster mould and then expelled, “lost,” by being steamed out of the plaster mould this leaves a negative which is filled with the coloured pate de verre paste and heated in a kiln until molten. Once cooled to room temperature, the mould is removed from the kiln and the glass sculpture or crystal vase is carefully removed from the mould and polished ready for display.

Pate de verre is extremely difficult and time consuming to create and can easily be ruined during the heating phase of creation. Due to the delicate nature of this type of glass work, pieces are generally restricted to being only ornamental in nature such as glass wall art or art glass vases.

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